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Manchester Gallery  

Working with ARTimbarc has been such a great experience from the very beginning. Having the digital element in our And Breathe... exhibition has helped us reach and engage so many more gallery users with our exhibition.”

– Louise Thompson, Health and Wellbeing Manager



Although having trialled classic audio guide solutions that required visitors to carry a physical device around the exhibition, the gallery found that take-up was minimal and so stopped offering the guides.




Using tailored material provide by the museum, ARTimbarc created an interactive mindfulness guide to support the ‘And Breathe . . .’ exhibition. The content was designed to support the exhibition’s purpose – illustrating the relationship between art, positive mental health and well being. 

70% Completion Rate of Audio Clips


40% Estimated Take-up Rate by Visitors 



ARTimbarc worked closely with the Learning and Web team to produce an audio guide to encourage visitors to slow down and really consider the art on display. Headphones were supplied to all visitors, and the point-and-shoot technology of the in-built phone camera directed users to the audio guide without the use of QR codes.




Offering an audio guide that encourages audiences to move at a slower pace through the exhibition, ARTimbarc has helped the gallery to deliver an improved audience experience and increase the average time spent in the show. The app has allowed the gallery to analyse visitor behaviours and habits and plan future exhibitions accordingly.